Formula Xi

Formula Xi is one of the most winning Bow ever product.

2022 Hoyt INVICTA

Find the INVICTA that is perfect for You! 2022 offer a NEW colour selection, with 3 Brand New Colour Pitch Black Wilderness Buckskin with the 2021 colours: White, Jet Black, Blue, Red and Slate.

Brady ELlison Signatue Series

Hoyt present the New Arizona Desert colour for the Brady Ellison 2022 SIgnature Series.

NEW MyChoiceArchery PRODUCTS

A NEW list of Products in our MCA line! Soft Bags for Recurve and Compound! Coloured Weights and Dumpers! And a lot of new products will arrive soon!!

BCY Products

All BCY products are now available on our Webshop. Please take Your time to in our Biggest Colour selection of ever!


Carter is the New Brand that Join to MyChoiceArchery brands Group! We're proude to annunce that quite soon we'll offer those amazing products!


New Vanguard Products are in Our Catalog NOW! 2 new Optics Available with Promotional Price!

Who we are

My Choice Archery Private Limited is a Company for Importation and Distribution of the Most Important Brands of Archery Equipment for the Indian territory.

Our Story begins in January 2018, when Abhishek Verma and Pagni Sergio, tried to answer to a common question:

why in India is so hard to find Archery Equipment?

After months of Hard work around the World with all the Archery Companies, our dream becomes real: We directly receive Archery Equipment from all around the World!

Now we have a Professional Staff, a very functional selling Website and All the accessories you need!

Our Mission... Easy, To have in every single Archery shop in India, everything that any Archer need.

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All our Staff is ready to resolve any problem and answer to any question!

We work to do that Faster as we can, in order to never leave You without support!

Sonali Verma is the Manager inside our facility and she’s ready with all the staff, to make your Work easier! Arranging shipments, managing orders and Warranties... everything you need!

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